Aerospace Bolivian Conference

Aerospace Bolivian Conference Aerospace Bolivian Conference
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    Natalia Indira Vargas Cuentas
    Escuela Militar de Ingeniería - EMI
    Av Rafael Pabón, La Paz, Bolivia
    phone: +51978573566

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    Aerospace Technology, ABC, Aerospace Bolivian Conference, Satellites, Cubesat, Space, Conference

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Hosted by the Military School of Engineering – EMI (Escuela Militar de Ingeniería), the Second Aerospace Bolivian Conference – ABC 2016 will be held from Wednesday July 27th through Friday July 29th 2016 at the Military School of Engineering – EMI in La Paz City, Bolivia
This event is organized to promote interdisciplinary understanding of aerospace systems, their underlying science and technology, and their applications to government and commercial endeavors.
ABC 2016 seeks to reflect the professional development, promoting the integration of professionals, researchers and aerospace industry in a context in which prevail technological innovations to seek the benefit of the community, bringing together the most outstanding companies, industries, universities and professionals.
Topics: A full range of aerospace technology are welcome, specially:
• Spacecraft design
• Propulsion systems
• Spacecraft flight dynamics
• Thermal system
• Satellite communication systems
• Ground station design
• CubeSats
• Space operation
• Test of EEE components
• Remote sensing

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