High Energy Physics Workshop

High Energy Physics Workshop High Energy Physics Workshop
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The aim of the conference is to cover as many topics as possible from different branches of particle physics, ranging energy frontier studies to intensity frontier efforts as well as studies related to cosmological anomalies. While the recent progresses made in these areas will be discussed by senior scientists, this conference will also provide an environment for young students to get involved with the hot topics of the field.

The plan is to cover as many directions as possible taken by current studies. Taking the fact that there is no sign of new physics at LHC as energy frontier, alternative scenarios become relevant more then ever. The current status of the physics being searched at LHC, including Higgs properties, supersymmetry, extra dimensions, top physics etc, will be reviewed by the experts in the meeting and the future prospects will be discussed. Additionally, efforts searching new physics at low energy but high intensity frontiers will be presented, covering B physics, neutrino physics, dark matter etc and the status of the current and proposed experiments along these lines. The LHCb experiment has found various new bound states,creating some excitement in the community. So, the recent theoretical and experimental status of hadronic physics is explored. There are many data coming out from satellite experiments in the sky indicating various anomalies. These will also be covered in the conference. Considering the current status of the precision required, the use of High Energy Physics computational tools becomes indispensable and there has been significant progress, which is planned to be presented in the meeting.

Neutrino Physics
Beyond Standard Model (SUSY, Extra Dimensions, Heavy Bosons, beyond Higgs, etc.)
Hadronic Physics
Higgs Physics
Top Physics
Flavor Physics (B-physics, CP violation, Precision Physics, etc.)
HEP tools
Dark Matter (Searches)
CERN Experiment Updates

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