Multi-Spin Galaxies - 2016

Multi-Spin Galaxies - 2016 Multi-Spin Galaxies - 2016
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    Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAO RAS)

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Nizhnij Arkhyz

In 2016, a leading center of the Russian ground-based observational astronomy, Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Observatory organizes an international conference "Multi-spin galaxies 2016", as a part of the festivities.

The main purpose of the conference is the discussions between observers and theorists on the current understanding on the origin and evolution of the angular momentum decoupling in galaxies ("multi-spin galaxies" V. Rubin, 1994). This class of objects includes all galaxies with a kinematically distinct component of gas and/or stars, with several inclination angles and extensions with respect to the host galaxy: they are galaxies with inner or extended polar rings/disks, low-inclined rings, kinematically decoupled cores, and any types of counter-rotating components.

The previous meeting of this series held in Naples in 2013. Also related problems were discussed during the Special Session on EWASS-2015, Tenerife.

The conference will focus on the following main topics:
Morphology, photometry and stellar population in multi-spin systems
Gas and stars kinematics and dynamics of multi-spin systems
The role of environment in the formation and evolution of multi-spin galaxies
Low surface brightness features: dwarf, tidal tails and debris, filamentary accretion...
Properties of colliding/interacting galaxies as a function of redshift

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