Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance 2016

Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance 2016 Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance 2016
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In 2016, the maritime reconnaissance and surveillance community is now facing a more diverse and complex set of challenges than ever before.

As territorial disputes and aggressive force posturing persist in the South China Sea and Baltics and counter-narcotics and human trafficking crimes continue in Latin America and the Mediterranean respectively, maritime ISR remains the critical capability for all nation states with maritime obligations. In response to this need, industry has delivered vast technological improvements to unmanned systems, advanced sensors and satellite constellations that have revolutionised information gathering and the ability to create full situational awareness. However, challenges remain for integrating, fusing and analysing the abundance of collected data in order to deliver information superiority to the operational commander. Whatever the objective, the Commander in 2016 is as likely to be constrained by data-overload as data-scarcity.

For the 14th year, our established maritime community will gather in Rome on the 26-28 September to address these challenges at the Maritime Reconnaissance & Surveillance 2016 summit. Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance is the first and only conference to examine the entire maritime surveillance precept by exploring a multi-platform, multi-sensor approach to gathering ISR data. After the outstanding work of industry in the last 15 years, military requirement setters and capability development leads are able to comfortably present the case for bettering their information management solutions. Now they are looking to industry to offer cutting edge data fusion systems to present mission critical information in an accessible and timely fashion to enable optimal exploitation of ISR data.

So we invite you to join 160+ colleagues at the community's annual gathering as stakeholders from military, government, industry and research join together to explore the major challenges and opportunities facing maritime ISR operators in the complex international threat environment.

Attend Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance 2016 to:

Explore military and government stakeholders’ growing appreciation of essential data management solutions from big data analytics, platform integration and information fusion and assess how this shift will affect your organization and the wider maritime ISR community
Consider the complex global context for international maritime ISR stakeholders and how regional challenges can be solved through collaborative cross-regional dialogue
Influence the decision-making community by placing your innovative solutions at the centre of the discussion on future maritime reconnaissance and surveillance capability
Benefit from case studies, operational experiences, capability development strategies and cutting-edge solutions delivered through an original agenda developed via extensive research with maritime ISR stakeholders

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