Space Tech Convention 2019

Space Tech Convention 2019 Space Tech Convention 2019
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    Newman's Business Accelerator
    Orce Nikolov 182a, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
    phone: 0038978801951

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Space is not the exclusive domain of the governments. The industry is
democratizing space, launching more vehicles from more launch sites than ever.
Moon Express, Made in Space and Planetary Resources are just three of the
start-ups in the global space sector estimated to $324 billion, and what is
becoming the first trillion-dollar industry.

Emerging commercial opportunities in low-Earth orbit are made possible by the
growing American, European and Asian commercial spaceflight industry, which
will play a leading role this century in opening space for public and private
innovation. New markets are emerging creating the potential for private
research and business innovation in space across the medical, energy,
transportation, communications and advanced manufacturing industries.

This year for the first time, the businesses from Macedonia and South-East Europe
will have an opportunity to speak and network with representatives from the
biggest and most relevant Space Agencies in the world such as NASA, ESA, JAXA
and the Indian Space Agency, as well as with global companies in the commercial
aerospace sector and explore opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures and
co-operations, as well as FDIs, outsourcing and exporting opportunities.
During the Conference we will cover the following topics:

1. Earth and Space Convergence
2. Existing Earth Industries that can successfully target Space Markets
3. Emerging Commercial Space Industries and opportunities for SMEs
4. IT, AI, ML, Data Mining, Automation & Robotics for Space and Earth
5. Small Satellites and opportunities for Manufacturing in the region
6. Health and Fitness of People in Space and on Earth
7. Renewable Energies, Agriculture and Disasters Prevention
8. Smart Cities and Mobility in the Future

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