Star Formation across Space and Time

Star Formation across Space and Time Star Formation across Space and Time
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Workshop rationale We will collaboratively explore open questions of star formation science in a friendly, informal atmosphere, focusing on those aspects that connect the formerly largely separate research fields of Galactic and extragalactic star formation. This will be done unconference-style in a collaborative incubator with mixed teams of (postgraduate) students, postdocs, and senior scientists, including observers and theorists as well as Galactic and extragalactic astronomers. The unconference format means that there will only be few talks while instead we will focus on discussion and collaboration, building on diverse perspectives of star formation science in the audience. Before we convene, we will collaboratively identify and pre-select potential discussion topics and project ideas online.

What are the big open questions in star formation? How do they relate to star formation across cosmic scales? What is the meaning of star formation laws? How representative is star formation in the Milky Way? What are the connections between star and planet formation? We will explore such questions in collaborative discussions, with topics selected and driven by the participants.


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