SG[France]2020 – Our Giant Leap

SG[France]2020 – Our Giant Leap SG[France]2020 – Our Giant Leap
  • Contact

    Yulia Akisheva
    Space Generation Advisory Council
    Toulouse, France

  • Keywords

    SGAC, Space Generation, Young Professionals, Equality, Gender

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In the context of the COVID-19 health crisis, and due to the uncertainty of the situation in June, we inform you that the organizing team of SG[France] 2020 has decided to postpone the event to 26 September.

The highly ambitious and at times futuristic space sector isn’t a steady cruise for all; for many it is a bumpy ride. Women of the sector often learn to overlook the stigma of discrimination and accept it as the burden of traditionally male dominated work field but as we look into the future of space, we see the need for change. From this necessity, Our Giant Leap was born.

We are

Highly motivated young ambassadors of diversity and inclusiveness in space-related areas of work. The team was self-built of 14 SGAC delegates from 5 countries.

We offer

A system, a networking platform for the space sector to utilize in order to break stereotypes and embrace diversity for the full palette of opportunity and ingenuity that it presents. We aim to spread this vision across nations so that other SGAC groups can host similar events in many countries and we will be ready to assist them.

Our objectives:


  • Inspire young women to choose the path of science, technology, engineering and research
  • Raise awareness about the discrimination related problems
  • Set up a network of motivated people ready to pursue the search for solutions to existing problems
  • Propose mentorship strategies for young space professionals
  • Propose solutions to the outlined problems for implementation in academia, industry and the everyday life of both women and men of aerospace
  • Tackle concrete concerns raised by the women of aerospace
  • Break stereotypes
  • Enrich aerospace by advocating for diversity and inclusion


We succeed

By means of hosting inspirational, educational and networking events, we will build a network of people from the space industry and beyond who will push boundaries and collaborate to achieve our common objectives.

Our support keeps multiplying as from the early 2019 the group grew from 2 women to 43 men and women by August without external advertisement which demonstrates the remarkable self-motivation of the participants.

Our kick-off event, SG[France]2020 will take place in Toulouse, France on June 18th 2020. It will be held in English for broader outreach and comprise:


  • Inspirational part when aerospace role models will share their experiences for us to learn from
  • Collaborative effort of experts from the industry and delegates to address our objectives
  • Networking opportunities for all