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    space, economy, economics, moon, mars, earth, venus, exploration, commerce, orbit, science, astronomy, investment, colony, satellite, shuttle, rocket, launch, spaceport, telecommunications, 5G, STM, space traffic management, ISRU, manufacturing

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    USD 425-1,400

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Online, from Las Vegas NV, USA

ASCEND (Accelerating Space Commerce, Exploration, and New Discovery) is a new event designed to drive the space economy forward, bringing technical, government, and business leaders together to solve problems that affect our entire planet and beyond. It’s not just an engineering forum. It’s not just a business conference. ASCEND is a platform for you to connect, debate, and shape the future.

What you can expect

At ASCEND, you’ll experience 3 days of immersive learning and networking alongside people who understand the challenges you face.

Do you have a technical or business challenge? Bring your burning questions and engage the space community to uncover answers. The ASCEND curriculum is built to provide you three levels of value:


  • Large-scale discussions of the trends, economic forces, and challenges facing every member of the space ecosystem.
  • Focused conversations to apply these big ideas to different sectors, projects, and use cases.
  • Technical content to go deep on specific advancements and discoveries.
Join world class thought leaders to share your research, solve problems, and set a vision for the future of the space community.
Get funding, make an investment, find a new job, or sign a contract. Good business happens in the company of experts.