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Teknofest, short for Teknofest Aerospace and Technology Festival, is the first and only aviation, aerospace, and technology festival of Turkey initially held at Istanbul New Airport in September 2018 by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3) in collaboration with private companies, ministries, and academic institutions. The primary goals of the festival are to raise public awareness about technology in society and to draw attention to the importance of national production.

The Festival is filled with seminars, technology competitions, exhibitions of domestic technology enterprises, Take Off İnternational Startup Summit. Visitors also can enjoy numerous attractions, such as aviation demonstrations including parachuting, air shows of "Solo Turk", "Turkish Stars", and many international aerobatic teams.

Technology competitions are organized in 12 different categories. People of all ages from primary school students to entrepreneurs can take part in the competitions with their projects and also benefit from the technical equipment support.

For the contest "The HackIstanbul 2018 Capture the Flag", organized in cooperation with the European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ECSO) and Romanian Government, computer hackers from all over the world competed. Winners were awarded money.

Another award-winning competition is the "World Drone Cup" race.