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Ascension 2022 Ascension 2022
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Welcome to Ascension 2022! This year’s theme is “To Infinity and Beyond: Innovation in Space”.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is our annual space conference that brings together students, researchers, and industry professionals over a 3-day event. The conference attempts to close the gap between industry and students by creating a place for students to find their own place in Canada’s space industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and listen to fascinating talks from researchers and industry professionals on space development.  The focus will be on this year’s theme “To Infinity and Beyond: Innovation in Space” to discuss about the plethora of opportunities in space and all the possible innovations. The Ascension 2022 conference will take place January 21 – 23, 2022.

Space Sciences, Engineering, and Exploration

As the Canadian space industry continues to rapidly grow, it’s an incredible time for those who dream about the stars, launching satellites into orbit, or sending shuttles into the beyond. The past few years have brought us self-landing rockets, the first image of a black hole, and another rover on Mars- but the innovation doesn’t stop there! Our speakers at this year’s Ascension will cover topics ranging from piloting a helicopter on Mars and the astrophysics of distant stars to lunar robotics and cutting-edge technologies to make interstellar travel a reality.

A Career in Space

Through our talks and panels, our speakers will not only discuss their incredible work but also the diverse paths they took through the space industry. And this isn’t limited to just the realms of engineering and technology! From doctors who have specialized in space medicine to Mars experts now surveying the Earth, our speakers aim to share their stories with the goal of inspiring attendees to find their own paths.

The Arts, Law, and Business in Space

The space industry isn’t limited to just science and engineering. In fact, it is an increasingly interdisciplinary field that relies just as much on the creativity of science communicators, the keen eye of lawyers, and the business acumen of entrepreneurs to make things happen. In this regard, our speakers will also cover topics on the connection between music and the cosmos, the intersection of astronomy and indigenous knowledge, and how to leverage networking to grow a career in the field.